Featured Verdicts and Settlements

$8,600,000 Verdict – Motorcycle Accident Results in Permanent Disability

Our client was permanently disabled after his motorcycle collided with collision with roadkill on Route 1. Result: One of the largest personal injury verdicts in California – $8.6 million.  Read an article by the Monterey County Herald or review the facts of this case.

$8,300,000 Settlement – Unsafe Intersection Leading to a Vehicle Collision

Our client lost three family members in a traffic collision resulting from an unsafe intersection. We were able to argue the county was at fault before reaching a settlement of $8,300,000 for our client.

$2 Million Settlement – Cab Accident Resulting in Permanent Disability

Our client suffered multiple fractured bones and permanent disability when she was struck by a cab driver while crossing the street. We were able to reach a settlement for $2 million citing future medical costs and damages.

$2 Million+ Settlement –  Medical Malpractice Resulting in Brain Injury

A college student suffered irreversible brain damage after surgery to repair a torn esophagus sued for medical. Mr. Biegel represented the man’s wife and, working closely with the attorney for the injured spouse, was able to settle the case for almost $3 million for the two plaintiffs.

$1.75 Million – Wrongful Death on Highway

A truck driver killed in a car versus truck collision on Highway 101 north of Salinas. Mr. Biegel was able to obtain a settlement for $1.75 million against the driver of the automobile and the State of California.

$1 Million+ –  Wrongful Death of a Son

A 40 year old man was killed on Highway 1, south of Carmel, when he was struck by a drunk driver who left the scene of the crime in a hit-and-run. His parents retained our firm and we were able to successfully demonstrate that the impact had occurred in the bicycle lane.  The case was settled for more than $1 million.

Pedestrian Struck By Commercial Vehicle

Our client was stopped on the side of the road fixing a flat tire, when he was struck by a delivery truck, suffering leg and hip injuries as a result. The driver of the delivery truck was legally drunk at the time of the accident. The Biegel Law Firm not only sued the driver, but also his employer.  The case settled for a substantial six figure amount.

Traffic Accidents

The firm represented two off-duty police officers who were injured when their vehicle was hit by an eighteen wheel tractor trailer on Highway 5 in Stanislaus County.  When the defendant’s insurance company offered no money whatsoever to settle the case, Mr. Biegel tried the case to a Stanislaus County jury and obtained a substantial verdict, which was paid within 30 days of its rendition.

Bicyclist Injured By Motorist

The firm’s client was riding his bike down a hill in Monterey when a motorist, apparently blinded by the setting sun, turned in front of him, causing him to come flying over the hood of the vehicle and crashing to the pavement.  Our client lay dying on the street with his windpipe occluded when a passing emergency room doctor stopped and rendered first aid to save his life.   He suffered throat (smashed adam’s apple) and substantial orthopedic injuries.  Though he claimed that he never liked lawyers nor wanted to sue anyone, he hired the Biegel Law Firm which was able to negotiate a settlement for a high six figure amount.

Medical Malpractice by Gynecologist

Our firm represented a woman who underwent an exploratory laparoscopy, during which her OB/GYN perforated her small bowel—resulting in peritonitis and subsequent surgeries.  Monterey Attorney Vicki Schermer-Kleinkopf’s careful review of the medical records uncovered the fact that the doctor had “adjusted” the patient’s chart by adding entries after the surgery to make her performance look above the standard of care. The firm settled this case with both the doctor and the hospital for a substantial six figure amount, even in light of California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) damage limit.

Medical Malpractice by Orthopedist

We have successfully sued an orthopedist who negligently performed hip replacement surgery—resulting in a leg length disparity that caused the client to have to undergo successive surgeries to correct the problem.  The case was settled for an amount that the defense attorney initially claimed would never be paid, but it was and the settlement resulted thereafter.